Diversity is our strength

I had an interesting interaction with a fellow activist. We were at a community meeting for a new (and awesome) collaborative project for environment, happening in our area.

I knew him from involvement in Extinction Rebellion, but we had lost touch.

I asked him whether he was getting involved in this project, or just along to check it out. He said that the project looked okay, but that it was “just a distraction” (from the ‘real work’ that he was doing). In his mind, direct action was the only path to creating change and the rest of us were just wasting our time.

I pretty quickly excused myself.

This idea, that there is one way to ‘do’ environmental action, and that all others are inferior, is just baloney. From the farmers planting more trees, the chef teaching vegetarian cooking, the teacher organising rubbish pick-ups, the film makers impacting audiences, to the ocean warriors in the Sea Shepherd. WE ARE ALL NEEDED.

The idea that there is one way out of this mess, is the silliest thing i have ever heard. Please never listen to anyone who thinks they can tell you how to be a passionate advocate for the planet. We need to be all putting our heart and souls into our action, which will never happen if we feel measured, judged, or inadequate. So to that particular activist, i say poo poo to you!!!

Let’s work for planet with joy, love, creativity and diversity.

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