We’re all on this ship together

Recently i have been noticing the bitchiness in the environmental movement.

On a very popular sustainability page, I had witnessed, and experienced first hand, people being unkind to each other.

This came in the form of sniping, and critical opinion-sharing.

When i excitedly shared that i had found a soap at the supermarket that is palm oil free, a participant responded:

“Is it palm oil free? Fragrance free, mineral free (the earth needs to also stop being plummeged with mines for mineral in beauty products), is it vegan? Reef safe when it goes down the drain, plastic, synthetic free?”

And another shamed me for using a soap that had ‘tallow’ in it, which i had never heard of (apparently it’s beef fat).

I didn’t engage too deeply as i couldn’t be bothered, but when i started to witness others being harassed in this way, i felt angry.

I wrote a post on the page calling out the shaming, and requesting kindness and support within the group.

Within a minute there was a ‘love’. Then another, and another.

After an hour, it was 200 and climbing.

An outpouring of oppressed voices, people feeling shut down, picked on, judged, offended, by the behaviour of their colleagues.

As i write this now, 24 hours later, there are 668 likes and loves, and 161 comments.

People speaking from the heart, that we should be cheering each other on, not pulling on another down!

I mean for god’s sake, trying to save a dying planet is hard enough without being A-holes to each other, for being ‘not enough’. Not green enough. FFS.

Our hearts are crying out to be held, loved, nurtured, celebrated.

Let’s do that for ourselves and each other.

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